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How to buy Ripple (XRP)? And why?
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This article explains how to buy XRP coins and most importantly: why it is a perfect time to buy ripple coins right now.
 XRP coin
It is almost the end of 2017, the year of cryptocurrencies! The year where almost everybody has at least heard terms like “cryptocurrency”, “token” or “block-chain”. It is also the year where Bitcoin smashed all records and gained more than 600%! Cryptocurrencies are becoming widely accepted in our society. Big players in financial world like Goldman Sachs finally are recognizing the huge potential of the upcoming block-chain technologies.

However, for most people (even for forex traders) investing in cryptocoins is still something unfamiliar and out of reach. For those who are familiar with Bitcoins, it is probably already too late to “jump in”, Bitcoin is one huge bubble with the price sky-rocketing towards $10.000! I wish I’ve purchased Bitcoins at $0.20/BTC few years ago;) But I didn’t…so what are the alternatives?  

One of the most interesting developments in the world of cryptocurrencies is coin named: XRP (or the Ripple coin). This new coin is developed by a company with the similar name: Ripple. So what is so different about this new type of cryptocurrency? Here are the main characteristics:

  • It is invented by several Wall Street finance executives.
  • Its goal is to revolutionize the inter-banking payment networks and the project is supported by many international banks (more than 100 banks and still growing).
  • XRP is based on a decentralized ledger to track and verify all transactions (similar to Bitcoin), but it is backed by a central group maintaining the network.
  • The average transaction speeds are < 4s. (while Bitcoin transaction times can take as long as few hours!).
  • Ripple is now third largest cryptocurrency.
  • Ripple coin is 100% legal and it is protected from the criminal activities and the black market.
Summarized: XRP is the legalized version of a cryptocurency which is meant for the big players. Now use your imagination and think what will happen with the XRP price when this coin will become the mainstream payment transfer method between multinational banks… The current XRP coin price is ~$0.20. My own personal estimation of XRP price by the end of 2018 will be around $2 per XRP coin.

In case you are not convinced yet, please read this article by Richard Gordon on Seeking Alpha (free registration required, no strings attached).

Here is why I think now is a good time to “jump in”. Just look at the following graph from google trends (click on image to open):
ripple google trends
Every time I see something like that I get excited! This is a beginning of a new google trend. This means that people are just starting getting interested in the ripple coin. The price is still low and the potential upside is huge!

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I have no business relationship with Ripple company that is mentioned in this article. Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies always comes with the big risk of losing invested capital. Buy XRP at your own risk!

Below a step-by-step guide on how to purchase XRP:

Step 1: Getting a free coin wallet
A “wallet” is a tool which is connected to an online decentralized ledger (database) and it is
used to store, send, or receive digital currency. In case of XRP we will download a free desktop wallet (Win, Mac or Linux) from Rippex.net.
Ripple wallet download

Step 2: Creating a free wallet account
After download is finished, follow the usual installation routine and make sure you have a free USB stick where we will place a backup copy of you wallet. Follow the instructions from the video below to create your free wallet account.

IMPORTANT!: Do not forget to make a backup copy of your wallet information. Grab your USB stick make a new .txt file called “myxrpwallet.txt” and save your own secret keys:
Ripple wallet password
Passphrase: ********** (make sure you will remember this!)
Ripple address: rKhhe*********************gqaKhz
Secret key: sh**************************MjA4BJ

Additionally you can also store your wallet file onto your USB stick. You can find the location of your wallet file during authorization at rippex tool startup:
wallet file
For additional security you can zip it with zip password enabled (or even use external encryption methods like VeraCrypt) and put it in your secret place.

Step 3: Buying your first XRP coins
There are many different ways to purchase your first XRPs and transfer them into your wallet. The two fastest ways I know are:

Worldwide: Using a credit card and an online exchange services like: Changelly.com
B. Worldwide: If you already have some other crypto coins you can exchange them on an exchange like : Binance.

In example below we will use exchange portal called

Step 3a: Go to
Changelly.com and subscribe (it’s free). Then enter desired value in USD you want to convert to XRP coins. And press “Exchange”.Changelly step 3a
Then press “Next”.Changelly step 3b
Enter your private XRP wallet address and press “Next”.
Changelly step 3c
Check again your address and confirm the transaction.
Changelly step 3d
Click “Pay with Visa/Mastercard”.
Changelly step 3e

Step 3b: IMPORTANT: At this point make sure you will enter your real valid telephone number! They will call you and will ask some simple questions like your name or last digits of your CC card to validate your identity. They always call within 5minutes so make sure your telephone is near you!
Changelly step 3f
Enter your Credit Card info and press continue.
Changelly step 3h
At this point you need to wait until someone will call you for verification.
Changelly step 3j
After short and quick verification your transaction should be completed within few minutes:
Changelly step 3m
Step 3c: Now the system needs to exchange the USD to XRP and send it to your Ripple wallet. This process can take few minutes to few hours! Don’t panic if you will not see anything happen within first 2h!
Changelly step 5
Remember that this transaction is based on online blockchain and needs to be verified. You can check the status of transaction verification using any external blockchain viewer like: blockexplorer.com. You need to wait until at least two confirmation will happen.
Changelly step 4
After transaction is successfully finalized you will see the following confirmation:Changelly step 7a
Step 3d: Now you can go back to your Rippex wallet tool and verify if transaction took place.
Changelly step 8

Step 3e: Note that most exchanges have daily and weekly limitations! This means that as a new user your transaction limit is $100 a day or you will need to wait 4 days until next transaction can be performed. Each exchange portal has its own policy, so always read the “small letters” and footnotes:
Changelly limits

Step 4: After you have acquired sufficient amount of XRP coins you can sit back, relax and watch the price of the Ripple coin (hopefully) rise into infinity;) For price monitoring I personally recommend free charting tools like: TradingView.

Cryptocurrencies will become more and more important in the near future. We are now at a transition moment at which more and more people acknowledge the importance of blockchain technology. Seeing the crazy grow of other cryptocurrencies so far, one must ask himself, if “now” is not the last chance to “jump in” and secure his wealth for the future.

The biggest advantage of XRP coin is its low price and huge grow potential. Not investing your $500 dollars and see other people become millionaires over the next few years is much worse than
investing $500 dollars and losing them after all 😉

Think about this all and leave your comments below.

P.S.: if you want to thank me by sending 1 ripple ($0.20), my ripple address is:

All the best!


4 Responses to How to buy ripple

  • What about setting up XRP for children and grandchildren?

  • Hi Chris,

    thanks for this article on XRP. I purchased Ripple myself a few months ago and just recently added some more to my wallet. It is difficult to identify potential high-flyers among the 1000+ Altcoins, therefore I really appreciate you picking up the cryptocurrency topic in your blog as well.

    Looking forward for the next recommendation!


    • Hi Gerhard,

      That is why I’ve based my analysis on strong fundamentals, XRP is one of few coins that is based on a real idea with real purpose, that can revolutionize our current banking transfer system. The value of the majority of all other Altcoins is just based on sentimental bubbles 😉 I am not touching them…
      If you look really closely there are only few investment-worth candidates in the “coin zoo”: XRP(as decribed above), Bitcoin (=huge bubble by now), Etherneum (=great technology, huge potential but still quite “fuzzy”) and if you really want to go sentimental Vertcoin (= “the people’s coin”).

      But anyhow, I will keep an eye on crypto’s, it is very interesting technology with a great future and many many upcoming investing possibilities.


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