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So let me tell you a story… back in the days when I was struggling with my FOREX trading, I was trying just everything I could find on the web. I was continuously switching from one system to the other, buying commercial EA’s and even trying to write my own, but nothing worked for me back then. There was a moment I wanted to quit and the only thing that kept me going was my huge determination. It took me few years to master the art of trading. But was it worth all those hours spent behind my laptop? Yes for sure, but I can imagine there are some people out there who will never get to the point where they will really start to make money in Forex.

The truth is that trading in general is only for people who can afford losing their money. Due to high volatility and high leverages the risk of trading is huge. If you are in a situation where you do not have much money, or you need money, just forget about Forex and better concentrate on real investing. So my biggest advice is:

STOP trading = START investing

So what are the differences between trading and investing?

  • Investing is a mid/long time period process, I mean weeks, months even years. This is very different w.r.t. trading where an average trade takes just few minutes to few hours.
  • While investing it is much more easy to create a winning edge, this is because in most cases people invest only in good and well established companies that are expected to grow over time. Example: do you think that companies like Microsoft or Google will do well in the near future? If you do believe that, why not to invest in those companies and profit from their success?
  • In most cases investing comes with a very small or even no leverage. This makes possible to take one position and hold it for a very long time even with a long periods of drawdown and only close trade when position is in profit.
  • In many cases the companies pay out a nice yearly dividend which can be as high as 10%!  

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