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[Sticky] Lesson 5: Are there any good tools?

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Basically everything we do here is based on one tool called: StrategyQuant. It is one of the best automated strategy generators available on the market.

In short, what StrategyQuant does is:

1 . It auto-generates trading strategies using random or machine learning algorithms. (= Artificial intelligence). No coding required, only some input parameters and data configuration.

2. It has several built-in robustness test possibilities, that allow us to verify and select only the best and most stable strategies.

3. It has advanced strategy optimization features, like walk-forward and also walk-forward matrix. 

4. It has even more great features like: automatic tick data download (for forex, stock and commodities), multi-core support and distributed computing, EA/algo wizard for manual strategy generation, portfolio analysis (combined multiple EAs), multi-market backtesting and analysis and so much more....Basically everything you can dream of. 

If you are serious about trading and want to learn algorithmic trading, there is no better option. You can read my full review here: Coensio StrategyQuant review.

For people that will consider purchasing this tool I do recommend to first download a DEMO version and play with it and then decide it this will work for you. If you are not a 'technical' person and have difficulties with handling your PC, you can forget about algo-trading, I guess it is not for everyone, you need to like working with your computer and be determined and precise like a real data scientist 😉

Below my personal StrategyQuant 20% discount code you can use during the purchase:


People that will use this discount code, will also apply for free licenses of all coensio tools presented on my website and my 1-on1 personal support and guidance.




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