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Help with MLQ Coding

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Basically, I want to provide a personal signal service with alerts generated by my strategies developed in SQX and don’t care about actual trading execution through MetaTrader, because none of the brokers I want to trade on is supported by MT (Cryptocurrency space). I don't have experience with MLQ5 (only Python and Pinescript) and I kinda struggle on where to edit the code of strategies generated in SQX. 

So has anyone experience with a similar challenge or a good understanding of the code generated by SQX? From my research, I found out about the WebRequest() function. If I place it the code to send out a POST each time an open or close signal is fired it should work as expected right?

My basic idea for the whole thing was to set up my MT5 with a demo account on a VPS, edit and import the strategies and let them run on the pairs. Any problems I could run into with this “architecture”?
Execution delays are not of my highest concern since I am working only on higher time frames.

Thank you in advance!