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[Sticky] Coensio's Free Algorithmic Trading Course  


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14/12/2018 8:23 pm  

In order to help you on your way to success I will share ALL my current knowledge in the form of detailed trading course. Lesson by lesson I will try to teach you what you should be looking for.

None of shared material can be considered as financial advice, it's only for your education. I do not have all answers but I can guarantee you will learn at least something from me 🙂

The problem is that most traders want to find profitable strategies without knowing what they should look for. For example: If I will ask you few questions like: can you imagine a profitable strategy in your head? I mean, all characteristics it should have? How it would look like in the probability distribution? What the mone-carlo tests should look like? Your answers will be probably 'no, no, no...'. So this free course is meant to close this gap. You should finish this course from A-to-Z before even considering demo trading with your strategies.

Education is step 1. Step 2 is the 'easy' boring part of generation, validation and forward testing + monitoring.

You can always ask me (or others) questions but please respect the fact that my time is extremely limited, since I am the only person working on this whole project.

I hope you will enjoy my free course. See HERE.




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22/06/2019 6:07 pm  

Many thanks sharing your knowledge and experience !

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25/06/2019 8:11 am  

You're welcome 😉