Convert any MT4 indicator to an EA in an easy way. Without Programming!

Any MT4 Indicator
Hunter EA
Automated trading system

This simple but powerful project started with a simple idea: “How to convert any indicator to EA automatically and without programming”. So after many hours of coding and testing, here it is:

The Arrow Hunter EA V04

This EA can turn any of your fancy indicators into an automated trading system with only few clicks of the mouse. No coding or programming is required. Download DEMO version first to test compatibility with your indicator.

Many Great Features

Automated "OnChart" indicator signal detection

Automated "indicator-buffer" signal detection

Automated money management mechanism

In this mode the EA can look for new signals which are displayed by any indicator on the chart. After signal detection the EA will open a trade in direction that is suggested by the indicator.



In this mode the EA can read the status on internal indicator buffers and execute new order using a simple “if lower than” and “if greater than” logic, based on the values calculated by an external indicator (not necessary attached to the chart). 

This EA has several different modes of operation like: trade reversal on each new signal, stoploss and takeprofit, trailing stoploss and breakeven mechanism.




What is new in ArrowHunterEA V04 version?
  1. EA controls up to 5 external indicator parameters. 
  2. Indicator parameters / strategy optimization is now possible!
  3. ECN broker support. 
  4. Email or notifications on indicator signal detection.
  5. CloseAfterXBars mechanism.
  6. Advanced money management mechanism.
Can I get a demo version?

Yes a DEMO version of this EA is available in the download link below. After a short registration you can test it with your favorite indicator on AUDUSD pair. Read the installation manual below!

Does it run on multiple MT4 accounts?

After purchasing the ArrowHunterEa, you will get your own Licesne Key which will be linked to your personal MT4 account. This means 1 License Key is valid only on 1 MT4 account, at a time. You can always change your MT4 accounts, by sending me an email (without any additional costs).

Which brokers are supported?

The ArrowHunterEA is compatible with all brokers that are compliant with MT4 interface. ECN accounts are also supported.

I've downloaded a DEMO version, but still do not know what to do next

Please read carefully the EA manual that is provided below. If you are not able to find proper EA settings, in order to get ArrowHunterEA working with your MT4 indicator, I am here to help you. Note that some additional costs will be applied: €20 / indicator setting. Just click on the "Contact" link in the menu above.

ArrowHunterEA is great tool, but I still do not know how to find profitable settings

My personal mission is to educate other traders about automatic (or algorithmic) trading. The fact is that most indicators will not be profitable out-of-the-box, since most systems require optimization for each currency pair. Auto-trading is not simple and requires some specialized knowledge. In the near future I will provide my advanced algorithmic trading course to people that follow me, so stay tuned (subscribe to my news letter on the main page)! B.t.w: you can always ask me questions. Just write me an email, I will do my best to answer all your questions.