Will a free trading group help us?

How about we create our own!

many years of EA coding for other traders (also for many of you) I
think, I have seen it ALL. I have seen people creating EA’s and
strategies based only on one chart screenshot or just because they have
read something on a ‘forum’. Obviously it doesn’t work!

Now I’m fully convinced that the only proper way to go is automatic strategy generation and testing.

But this method is also not perfect, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Learning curve takes several weeks, finding robust strategies takes several days, testing takes up to several months.

So why not to combine our efforts?

Here is my idea: I want to create our own private forum, our own
trading group where we can share ideas, experiences and knowledge. A
real gentleman’s (and ladies) club for serious traders.

YOU CAN JOIN HERE: Coensio’s Algo-Trading Group

I want to concentrate only on automatic strategy generation. This is how ‘they
do it. This is how EA vendors find their strategies, this is how
professional quants and algo-traders design their strategies. 

So if there is any chance you are already using StrategyQuant
platform, and you want to join this club, just let me know (reply to
this email). I am looking for experienced traders and also for forum

I’m still learning this platform especially the new ‘SQ X
version, so the only thing I can promise you, is that I will share my
knowledge for free. Starting from 2019 I will also prepare some kind of
free algo-trading course.

For traders which do not know what I am talking about, please read my review of this platform: HERE.
I also provide 20% discount + other bonuses for people that want to
purchase this platform, but first download a demo version and see if
this way of working will work for you.

You can read more on my blog. or join here:
Coensio’s Algo-Trading Group



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