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MQL programming service
In case you have a cool trading idea and you want to test it or you need someone to code an EA for you, Coensio is here to help you. For more information contact me using the form below.

This service includes:

  • My personal and professional support and guidance
  • Clear agreement on EA specification
  • Fast coding (short delivery time)
  • Clear and readable coding format
  • Bug free coding
  • Smart error handling and diagnostics in code
  • Future MQL update and support
  • (optionally) Backtesting and optimization support
  • (optionally) Renko charts EA coding
  • (optionally) Online chat support


How my expert advisor programming service works:

STEP1. You make a clear description of all EA requirements + chart screenshots representing examples of entry and exit conditions

STEP2. Based on this list or your requirements, I will send you an offer

STEP3. If the offer is accepted, I will start coding your EA

STEP4. In few day (usually on weekend) you will get a time-limited DEMO version of your EA which works only on an exotic and randomly selected symbol (e.g.: GBPJPY)

STEP5. You get 1 week to test and accept the EA

STEP6. After EA is accepted I will release the EA package, which you can purchase

2021 PROMOTION: I will integrate your trading strategy in my ArrowHunterEA which contains most of the common EA functionalities. The price of coding is €40.

(EA is delivered in ex4 format)

Examples of recently finished projects (and examples of prices):

1. Custom Indicator to EA conversion

2. Fixing indicator errors in MQL4 code

3. Converting an indicator to an EA with trailing stoploss, takeprofit and automatic money management function

4. Adding time and news protection to an existing EA

5. Creating a MT4 trading panel EA

6. Creating a graphical portfolio analyzer tool

7. Adding a remote licensing mechanism to EA code

8. Coding signal screener for multiple symbols/timeframes

9. Signal alerts and smart phone notifications from MT4

Examples of functionality I can code for you:

* Capturing trading signals from an external indicator

* Automatic entry and exit using defined trading strategy

* Automatic TakeProfit and StopLoss placing

* Trailing StopLoss

* Automatic News event protection

* Hour (session) based trade lock

* Remote trade execution (via internet TCP/IP protocol or local network)

* Signal copy (from master to slave EA)

* Automatic money management system based on percentage of account balance (or equity)

* Automatic LotSize calculation

* Pending orders

* Graphical (on chart) object detection

* Adding graphical labels on chart

* Simulating mouse clicks (to control external buttons via MT4)

* Many more…just ask!

Order here:


You can contact me directly via email: info(at)coensio.com. Do not forget to replace ‘(at)’ by ‘@’ sign in presented email address.



54 Responses

  1. Dear Chris

    In this scam market that one is bombarded by false promises and products and services, After one month of close cooperation and several daily emails and orders and edits, I found you absolutely morally honest, technically professional, responsible and punctual.
    I won’t let you free as a Hyper-Active customer 😉

    All the best

  2. The service was great! They were patience to analyze my needs and deliver the best solution for my trading concerns. The solution was created in a timely matter and there was plenty time give. To tweak things to make it better. I would gladly use them again and the price was affordable.

  3. Chris did an awesome job in programming a licensing system for my Expert Advisors. I had only a vage idea how this could be done, hence relied fully on Chris´ skills. The result clearly exceeded my expectations. I can now sell Expert Advisors with an automatically generated license key and the EA locks this key to the actual trading account. This is a very clever way to prevent fraud.

    I´m very satisfied with Chris´ work and will surely turn to him first next time.

  4. Hi Mr Coen.I need an EMA crossover alert to my emails.I can install it on my mt4 or direct from you I can close my mt4 I just need the alerts to my email .The EMA settings are 20 close and 20 exponential moving average for 10 min timeframe.The 20close can crossed the 20ema from below or above in a bullish trend and the same in an bearish market.I want to get alerts for 20 currencies.If you can SMS to my mobile would be better.Can you help me please.

  5. Hi Chris, I’ve an EA that is half done and needed more features. How much do you charge if I provide you the codes and you assist to insert the rest of the features into the existing one?

  6. Hi. Would you assist us with the development of an EA but important is that we will pay for the development but want the source code as well.


  7. It has been a pleasure to order a custom indicator and to get a fast and accurate answer.I´m very satisfied with the job.Thanks a lot.Undoubtedly,I´will count on you for future projects.

  8. Good day Mr Chris, I have some customized indicators that I want to code into EA, to be checking signals on two or three timeframes before picking on the smaller one. Pls can you do it?

  9. Hi i hope that u are doing fine,
    please check ur email inbox i ve sent a request for coding an expert advisor for me , please contact me as soon as possible
    Thank u :))

  10. I need an EA, that uses The Parabolic SAR and Moving Average of Oscillators to enter trade and exit through the parabolic sar

  11. Hello,

    I saw your EA blocker indicator and it is good one , but I have more specific requests if you can make it for me :

    – I need the indicator to disable auto trading on Friday on specific time.
    – If there are open trades it should wait until the trades closed then immediately disable auto trading.
    – If specific time reached on Friday and the trades were not closed it should close the trades and disable auto trading
    Hope it’s clear

    Thank in advance

  12. Hi Chris

    I’ve sent you an email with my strategy outlined and screenshot attached.
    Await your soonest response



  13. Repair/improve old expert advisors. I have 2 old programs( 10 years) that do not seem to work properly now. This may be because of a change in MT$ platforms – I am not sure. They are both supposed to do the same thing. The EA sets an opening Zero line, then buys above that point, and sells below that point until a specific profit target( which I input) is reached Then it closes out the positions and re-starts all…

  14. Hi I have an existing ea but o would like to add alerts and push notifications to it. If possible also ching ching type sound for the alert.

  15. Hi Mr Chris, I appreciate the pretty good reviews on this website and I hope to write one in future after a successful job with me. I am actually not very long experienced in Forex trading but hope to produce an EA that is built on a system based on finding so-called “Big Fish” movements; that is, huge pips variations in tiny, tiny units of time. EA that trades long breakout . I may not be able to give professional explanation but Ill try to explain in detail in my next email to you. I hope you’ll understand me from my level.. Thanks

  16. All I can say is he’s the man. I contacted him via email about my indicator. He responded promptly to every email and finished the indicator in about a day with no code errors. Will definitely be using again.

  17. Hi Chris.. How can I get coensiotrader1v06 working on real account. How much would you like to sell it.. Please let me know to my email Chris..


  18. Right to the point, FAST delivery and AMAZING communication! spot on what i need!
    Chris, you are awesome!


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