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Fundamental analysis was never so simple…

It’s almost Christmas 😉 It is a good moment to do something nice for other people, and in this case I mean other traders. So during past few weeks I’ve worked hard and I’ve started this free and simple project. It’s called:


So what is this project all about? As you probably already know, successful forex trading is all about being synchronized with fundamentals and sentiments that drive the market. Trading without fundamental analysis is like trying to drive a car, only by looking in the rear-view mirrors. And by looking in the mirrors I mean: looking only at the charts and indicators that can only indicate past events.

In order to become profitable in trading you need to learn how to “predict” the future. Or at least how to anticipate to the current market events. But there is a big problem with fundamental analysis:

It takes very long time to gather and process all information. And there are so many different sources out there providing forex news and market analysis. So, forexcrunchers.com provides a simple solution. It automatically scans all relaible sources for directional market predictions and show the complete analysis in one clean table.

Note: This project is 100% free!

Talk soon,

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