Examples of (micro)-futures strategies designed with StrategyQuant

So, guys if you never have made any $ in algo-trading and you are still struggling, you just need to try trading futures using StrategyQuant strategies. Why? Because it works! You can easily load historical data from TradeStation chart (or your platform) and let StrategyQuant do its magic:

StrategyQuant micro-future strategy on MNQ.D


StrategyQuant micro-future strategy on MES.D
StrategyQuant micro-future strategy on GC


StrategyQuant micro-future strategy on CL (Curde Oil)

All equity curves are already including Cost Of Trading (COT), curves represent net-profit.

All strategies designed using “standard” StrategyQuant workflows and building blocks.

All strategies validated using all standard validation tests including: OOS, WFM/WFA, Monte-Carlo, Cross-market.

All strategies show continuation of performance in long-term OOS period.

So yes, I think you should try it! See my SQX live trading results HERE.



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