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Coensio’s note: On this page I will share all of my free MQL4/5 projects, which I’ve developed during the last 5 years. Some of those products are also directly downloadable from the official MQL4 codebase website, but this is the main place for product maintanance and customer support. 

Note that some of the products may be outdated and not fully functional with the latest MT4 version. If you will find any problem or any incompatibility while running my software, please let me know and I will fix it for you.

= Coensio’s Dollar Strength Indicator =

Coensio’s USD strength indicator (CUSIV01) measures the momentary USD strength, using combined data from the following four USD pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and USDJPY. The USD “momentary strength” of each pair is determined by measuring distance (in pips) of each closed candle w.r.t exponential moving average line e.g.: ΔEURUSD = (Close[n]-EMA50[n])/PipValue. The combined USD currency strength can be simply expressed by:


Notes: Load the indicator on any chart, any time frame. Set “EMASize” to desired value (EMA value is used as reference point of relative USD strength). Note that on xxx/USD charts the indicator will display the strength of USD currency, so the histogram will be displayed in the opposite direction!

Free download!

= Coensio’s Swing Trader EA (CSTV07) =

Coensio’s Swing Trader makes it possible to trade semi-automatically using manually pre-defined support/resistance or breakout levels. EA sends automatically orders according to predefined trading direction which can be defined as simply as drawing a line on the chart. Furthermore, EA version 07 incorporates automatic “News Trading” functionality. Set Day, Hour and Minutes parameters and EA will manage predefined order entries at predefined time e.g.: allowing you to set a pending buy order at Ask price + EntryThreshold, at 3min before major news release.

EA trading instructions:

1. Load EA on chart and set desired parameters: StopLoss, Takeprofit, Lots, EntryThreshold, Trailing StopLoss etc..  

2. Draw a breakout/trendline on chart (Insert->Lines->Trednline). 

3. Rename trendline according to desired trade direction “gl” = long; “gs” = short. 

4. Move Blue and Red line to adjust TakeProfit/StopLoss levels. 

5. To enable proportional risk management, set Lots=0; and e.g.: RiskMax=2 (in % of account equity based on StopLoss size). 

6. When FalseBreakClose=true, order will be closed when entry candle turns and closes in the wrong direction.

Free download!


21 Responses to Free MT4 tools

  • I download your coensioTrader 1VO6 EA,but it didnt appear on my mt4

  • The ea is installed, the tren lines renamed, ddl allowed,the smiling face is on, but the ea does not open trades when price crosses the lines…can you give me some advice?… thanks

    • Hi please contact me via email and send screenshot showing your chart and experts tab on your MT4 platform.

  • hi
    i am using your the coensio recovery ea on my demo account and i am very confused..my
    question is why do i always breakeven at point $0..what do i change to make all my trades
    profit in the end

    • Hi,

      $0 for recovery of a trade loss is a good result. It is possible to end up with a small profit by increasing PipProfitOffset parameter but this will increase the total risk so it is not recommended.

  • Hi
    Try to test the breakout EA but receive the MT4 message that the demo version has expired although I used the license code sent with the download. Do you have any advice?

  • Good work , thank you for your support 🙂

  • Hi, the Coensio’s BreakOut EA (Beta), will be available to be used on a real account soon.?

  • Hi,
    received the demo version of recovery ea. Thank you very much.
    Its running. How the ea can be used in the strategy tester of MT4? I don’t know, how to start the initial trade. The go long /go short bottoms are not visible.

    with best regards

    • Hi,

      Yes the buttons are not visible since it is a bug in MT4 platform. To start the orders you need to run backtest in visual mode and add entry lines “gl” or “gs” and wait until the price will reach one of the lines.


  • Hello Chris,
    I downloaded the following Indicators from your website: USDIND01B, XAUIND01A and XAUIND01B.
    How I can get the licence key?
    Best regards

    • Hi,

      The valid License Key is : W2G3HI4O


      • Hello Chris,
        with the USD it works, thank you! But as you can see, the Indi asks the symbol XAUGBP. I have only as usual XAUUSD. Unfortunately, I can not add a screenshot here.
        Best regards

  • This means it can be used ONLY with the Oanda MT4; correct? Pity!

  • Hello I need a ea . How many days will it require?

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