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Learn how to trade micro futures with profit!

An introduction to profitable futures trading using StrategyQuant!

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This ebook provides an introduction to micro futures contract trading using StrategyQuant, a software tool for algorithmic trading strategy development. The book covers the basics of futures trading, the use of StrategyQuant for creating and testing trading strategies, and the implementation of those strategies in live trading. It is aimed at traders and investors who are new to algorithmic trading and are interested in exploring the use of micro futures contracts and StrategyQuant to enhance their trading success.

What will you learn?

Strategy development tools

Learn about the tools that are used by many profitable traders for building and validating robust tradings systems. No more curve-fitting! No more 'hope-trading' or 'revenge-trading' that will only blow up your account. Start using profitable proven tools!

14 critical pieces of trading puzzle

In every strategy development process, there are many essential points that must be executed correctly. Failure to do so will result in the failure of your systems. The key to successful trading is linking all the puzzle pieces together in the correct order.

Importance of statistical significance

Grasping the concept of statistical significance is crucial for achieving success in trading. Without this understanding, trading will be like gambling in a casino. Don't be a gambler, become a systematic algo-trader!

How to properly size your account

When trading micro or mini futures contracts, a proper sizing of your trading account becomes extremely important. Learn about the proper account sizing to prevent margin-calls! Your account will be always safe.

Futures strategy examples developed with StrategyQuant

The figure above shows examples of strategies developed by StrategyQuant. Get the free eBook to learn more!

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