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Over the years I’ve developed and worked on many different MT4 baesed products. During that time I have mastered MQL4/5 programming language and became a better trader. In most cases I’ve shared everything for free with the FOREX comunity. Just google for “coensio” or go to MT4 code base and you will find me there 😉

= Coensio’s Recovery EA (Beta) =

Note: The results above are from a demo account which has expired after 1 year of trading.

Hedging comes with a high (martingale like) risk of losing your capital!

This trading system uses a smart back-and-forth hedging mechanism, that is continuously opening new positions according to the recent market movements. Each time a new position is opened, system tries to estimate a new Lot size, which is required to breakeven or to profit at the original TakeProfit, but ALSO at the original StopLoss level. This results in a group of open positions that eventually will always turn into a profit, when the market will go in either direction up or down. All trades are automatically closed when the overall profit reaches the pre-defined ForceTakeProfit level or pre-defined TakeProfit or StopLoss level. PipProfitOffset setting ensures  that all new recovery trades are targeting slightly lower TakeProfit levels (w.r.t. the first open position). This results in slightly larger Lot sizes, than Lot sizes required to reach a breakeven condition. This additional offset allows to compensate for small losses, that are caused by spreads, slippages, swaps and commissions. See a trade recovery example below:

The system is profitable as long there is sufficient level of FreeMargin to be able to open new trade positions. To illustrate the possibilities of this recovery system the EA is programmed to trade using semi-random market entries. Each time the previous trade is closed, EA opens immediately a new trade in the direction that is dictated by the previous candle. Below the result of last 7 years of random trading (EURUSD, TF=H4, Leverage:1:500, 99% tick data modelling quality).

This system not only survived last 7 years of RANDOM trading, but also made some profit! Of course it is not the intention to trade randomly, the random test presented above is just shown as proof, that this trading technique (when setup properly), is able to recover in any market condition. To find out more about this unique trading system read the manual and get free version of the MT4 EA:

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28 Responses to hedging-ea

  • “Thank you for your interest in our hedging recovery EA. Below you will find a link to a free demo version.


    Visit CoensioRecoveryEA Manual site”

    the demo cant be downloded

    • Yes it can, just register on my site: http://www.hedgingea.com

      • Hello Chris .. thanks a lot for your efforts in helping others and i only wanted to know if this version of the system can go with the live accounts as well or it is just for a trial ??

        Kindly regards

        • Hi,

          Yes it can also work on live, but it is extremely risky system, you need to make sure you know what you are doing 100% before going into live.


  • Good day Chris,

    I been doing some testing on your hedging EA, I am wondering why we can’t control the number or lots or size traded after the first trade failed?

    Current setup example from the trades I took:

    – Buy (0.10)
    – Sell (0.13)
    – Buy (0.06)
    – Sell (0.08)
    – Buy (0.12)
    – Sell (0.18)
    – Buy (0.26)
    – Sell (0.44)
    – Buy (0.70)
    – Sell (1.25)

    In my opinion the greater the lot value in second and third trades and so on (example double the first trade if failed) will result in faster recovery. Don’t you think?

    If the first trade failed, instead of waiting for the market to move 200 pips which might take weeks to recover from the initial trade loss. With larger lot size its possible to recover with 100 pips move instead. Am I wrong?

    I know you probably done lots of testing before coming up with these values. Can you please clarify or do you have any testing examples.

    Is it possible to add these optional lot sizes to the parameter form?


    Samer M.

    • Hi Samer,

      This EA is based on a very smart adaptive algorithm, this means that the best lotsizes are calculated “on-the-fly” and not running in a fixed sequence. This means that sometimes it is really better to open smaller lotsize during recovery. There are many different mechanisms that are dictated by rules of mathematics. I can imagine that this looks contra intuitive for some one with no mathematical insight in the strategy. But Math is always right 😉


  • Hi Chris,

    How long you been testing the Coensio’s Recovery EA?

    I see that the forum started in Sept 2014, that’s 2 years ago. Are you currently running it on live account?

    Your account at “myfxbook” for (CoensioRecoveryEaV02a) is not updated since Aug 19, it seams it’s not running or not been updated.. I was following the NZDUSD trade last month, but eventually it stopped updating since the 19 of August.

    I am very interested in know more about your EA, because I exactly had the strategy in mind for little over a year.. I tried it manually on live account for few months in 2015 and I was profitable. But my issue was that I was trading multiple strategy on the same account which i ran out of money and closed my trades due to insufficient margin.

    For that reason I am trying to find the automated version of this strategy and I found yours EA by coincident.

    Let me know please and thank you again.


    • Hi Samer,

      Thanks to pointing that out, the strategy runs on autopilot so I did not noticed my myfxbook EA was disabled. It is updating again. I am now involved in many different projects, so this one has a very low priority. I do not trade anymore with this strategy, but there are many people who still do.

      You are 100% right about multiple trading. This kind of recovery allows only 1 trade at a time.


      • Hi Chris,
        why did you stop trading with this strategy? Are there any basic problems? Risk too high? Profit/Loss ratio too bad?
        Thank for any answer

        • Several reasons:
          1. My demo account has expired
          2. Strategy is quite risky and reward is pretty low..it a long term trading system
          3. I have better trading systems 😉

  • Hi. Does he only accept one operation (order) at a time?

  • Hi Chris,

    I came across your hedgingea.com website and was quite impressed by this tool. However, then, I came across this site here and saw your comment above listing your points for not using this tool/technique anylonger.

    You showed that the EA recovers itself for 7 years with random market entries. As we can see, the profit is not massive but for random entries it is actually quite good.

    So, I am wondering why you do not use this technique in combination with another EA which finds proper entries (let’s say 70%) and recover the other 30% using your hedging EA?

    Best Thomas

    • Hi Thomas,

      This is because hedging comes with risk of losing big part of your capital when you will get caught in a long lasting ranging market. And secondly over the years I have developed much better trading philosophy, which makes me more profit and has lower risk 😉


      • Hi Chris,

        thanks for getting back to me! I am very curious what trading philosophy you are into at the moment. Would you mind to provide us a couple of notes what gives you better profit with lower risk. Cheers Thomas!

        • Hi Thomas,

          You need to be aware of the current market conditions, and what I mean is the global market: stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities…I spent at least 1h a day of reading and watching market news (BBC/CNN news, etc…) and I have always my eyes open on new opportunities. I feel like I am in a transit between trading and real investing. So nowadays expect of autotrading I also put my time in manually hunting chasing every single new trade.


  • Hi Chris,
    regarding the strategy (heding), i think that it could be very usefull on notice time (high volatility). What do you think about?

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes I do agree with you the strategy will perform well during high volatility or a strong trend (in any direction).


  • Is there any chance you implement multiple orders tracking by the expert and not just one active order at a time?

  • Does you EA Coensio’s Recovery is still working ?

    • yes sure it should still work…

      • thanks for your answer.
        I not understand what is my mistake. I can not send order, because see no buttons
        for sell or buy. When I make a line with gs or gl also nothing happend. You can help me ?

  • Hello,
    I was working on a similar idea and i’m trying to backtest the free version but the expertab is stucked while calling a dll (wininet) but the EA is running in live normally, is it possible to Backtest it ?

    I saw that you are moving the recovery line, sometimes by enlarging the gap between sell and buy and sometimes by lowering it.
    Both idea have ups and down, the main problem is when we need to use which ,
    what did you mean by Trigonometry ? The uses of triangles in this setup is kinda making me crazy ..

    Thanks and congrats

    • Hi,

      Yes it should be possible to backtest this EA but only in visual mode, by manually placing the gs or gl lines on chart and waiting for a price cross.

      Triangular, recovery just increases chances for recovery in time when there is a long ranging market without much volatility. It’s done by moving the recovery targets closer and closer to the price. Just play with the EA params and you will see how it works.


      • Oh i get the idea
        I experimented it with the opposite point, find the extremes high and low of the current range and wait for price to break out of here, it lower the number of orders and the margin used.

        You use a different angle and i get why, i just dont quite understand how trigonometry is used in that regard, i mean you’ll need to use 90 degreees triangle to set the recovery lines (buy and sell) at a “certain” distance from the price.
        What is the idea behind the uses of such logic ?
        (i like to have solid logic behind every algorithm, in this entropy world that’s kinda illogical ahahaha)

        • I cannot disclose everything 😉
          There are many people trying to copy my software..

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