How to generate passive income online

I know we are all traders, I even think I was born for this (numbers and data), but in the end the main goal is always the same: to get money from it 😉 That’s the world we are living in and money makes the world turn around. So here is my personal list of ways you can generate passive income online. The list is ranked providing difficulty, risk and profit levels of each method.

money online

1. Algo-Trading… duh of course..SQX!

My whole blog is all about algo-trading, so this will be a short section, just look around if you want to know more about algo-trading;)

Difficulty level: Risk: Best Case Profit:
Extreme! You can lose it all 😉 100%/year

2. Following/copying other traders

I do not know if you have noticed, but on my blog there is a section called:  Trading Systems. In this section I am sharing many 3rd party ready to go systems that are developed by other experienced algo-traders. In case you want to “get wet” with futures trading, but you still need to learn how to develop your own profitable systems you could consider, copying trades from other profitable traders. This service is hosted by an American fully regulated security trading office. And yes I have tested these guys, they are real deal.

striker securities

In case you will consider this trading method, contact me personally via email so I can share you more information.

Difficulty level: Risk: Best Case Profit:
Not easy. You can lose it all 😉 50%/year

3. Selling your skills and talents

Not entire passive method to make money, but still a very easy way to make some additional money online. There are many online portals where you can sell your (online) skills, any skills from video editing and copy writing to programming or doing voice-overs. B.T.W. this is how I started, by coding trading systems for others! This was the greatest way to learn new tricks. So if you have any talents or skills, there is a great probability these are worth something to someone, so you can go and sell your skills online e.g. on!

fiverr income idea

Difficulty level: Risk: Best Case Profit:
Extremely easy You can lose your time. There is no ceiling. Most gigs start from $20.

4. (Re)-selling skills you do not have: “Drop-Servicing”

Ok, I get it, not everybody has some skills or talents worth selling, but you can still make money on, simply by reselling the “gigs” (= services). This is how it works:

  1. You become a small online service agency
  2. You search people/businesses that want to buy some online service: like logo making or voice-overs
  3. You look for sellers on, that provide such a service
  4. You connect your clients with the sellers that are able to provide suitable solution
  5. You get a small commission for finding clients

Basically, in this scenario you are the “middleman” in a “client-to-seller” transaction, and this business scheme is called “drop-servicing”:

drop-servicing passive-income idea

How to find clients? Just by making your own version of a given “gig” (= service) on!

How to find and talk to sellers? Go to, and find a “gig” that is cheaper than yours. You can “pretend” you are the final customer for a given service, but there is a better, honest way. So here is a little trick you could use, if you are contacting a gig seller, just use these words:

  • Hi there, I saw you are selling…. and one of my customers needs….
  • Hi, I saw your gig, can you provide…. to my customer?
  • Hello, customer asks for…. can you do it?

In this way, you will indicate you are just a middleman here and you are just providing new customers to the seller. Most of sellers will not have any issues with this approach, since it is a normal and accepted way of doing business. It’s a win-win scenario for you, your customer who already agreed to your price, and for the final seller of given service.

Difficulty level: Risk: Best Case Profit:
Easy You can lose your time. There is no ceiling. Most gigs start from $20.

5. Crypto mining, but not in the way you think…

Crypto-mining is extremely difficult task to do, you need to have specialized technical knowledge in order to even start with mining, not mentioning making money out of it. I used to tried many times, and failed, simply because of lack of proper knowledge….
but there is another better and simpler way!: NFT based fraction mining!
fraction mining BTC
This is a new trend I am watching very closely right now. This is how it works:
  • you purchase a share in a large-scale mining operation, hosted by crypto-mining experts
  • you get your fair share of profits depending on how much you have invested
There are projects out there that pay up to 95% of their profits, which is pretty fair i.m.h.o.
How to start? The project I’m watching very closely is the:, it is run by people I know and trust, but if you will google around you will find many similar projects.
Difficulty level: Risk: Best Case Profit:
Easy You can lose all of your investment, if BTC collapses to $0. At this moment in time with current BTC and energy prices: ~30%/year. Initial capital needed ~$325.

6. Crypto liquid staking

So, for HODLERs (people who own and hold crypto assets) among us there is a simple way to generate up to 10% from their holdings. So basically it works by providing liquidity to a larger transactional pool of money on a DECENTRALIZED exchange. In other words you become a kind of a decentralized “broker”, and you will get commissions from exchange transactions fees that take place within a larger  money pool.

liquid staking passive income idea

How it works? At least, how I do it:

    1. I go to this portal and I search for highly correlated crypto assets, for example: ETH and SHIB.
    2. These are the assets that I’m already holding and plan to hold for the next few years! This is very important since both assets can, in the short term, significantly depreciate in value, meaning that if this happens I will lose some of my money in terms of dollars $.  But I’m a “long term” guy, so I will hold these assets anyway, at least till 2025. So I accept the Impermanent Loss if it will occur during my holding time.
    3. I use portals like  to estimate the RANGE and DAILY profits
    4. The RANGE is the price ratio between two assets (ETH and SHIB in this case) in which you will collect your rewards from exchange fees.
    5. The narrower the RANGE the more money you will get from the pool’s fees, but if the price ratio will go outside this RANGE you will get nothing. So the game here is to select a proper RANGE that is not too big and not too narrow. For example:

liquid staking example

In this example let’s say I have invested/staked $1500 in ETH/SHIB pool, and selected a RANGE between 128M…146M (SHIB/ETH) I will get almost $6/day from trading fees ($180/mo, >10%!), but only in case the price ratio between SHIB/ETH will stay within the RANGE. So it requires some periodic re-optimization of RANGE levels (which will cost you ETH network fees = around $15 per transaction).

The liquid staking happens on UNISWAP V3 exchange and it is the easiest money I get every single month 😉

my liquid staking results

Want to learn more about this method? You can search more info on Youtube e.g.: see this young crypto entrepreneur on Youtube: Jake Crypto

Difficulty level: Risk: Best Case Profit:
High High, you can lose all your investment if both crypto assets will go to $0. Easy +10%/month

7. Affiliate marketing! The best way of making money online!

By FAR the best method to make money online in 2023 and beyond! So here is how it works:

  • You can become an affiliate (a representative) of a brand/product or service that you can promote online using your personal AFFILIATE LINK.
  • First you need to select a niche (= a market you are interested in)
  • Then you need find a good product you stand behind, a product that you believe in, and you know it can help people or can solve one of their problems
  • Then you need to sign-up as an affiliate of this specific product and get your unique selling LINK from the vendor of this product.
  • Then, your job is to find people and help them to solve their problem(s) by showing them “your solution” by giving them your AFFILIATE LINK.
  • If someone will decide to purchase the product using your special-link you will get a portion of the vendor’s profit.

affiliate marketing business idea

In other words, affiliate marketing is a way of connecting people, that have a specific problem, with a suitable solution and getting paid in the process for helping people in achieving their goals! That is why I love this online money making method so much. It is, simple, direct and fair for all participants.

How affiliate marketing works in practice?

There are like million ways you can market and promote 3rd party products e.g.: face-to-face, blogging, video and social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, placing paid ads, influencer marketing..etc…etc…a sea of possibilities. What people do not know and do not realize, is that majority of products sold online is sold in this way! But let’s look at me, I have a simple online blog. While writing of this 1 single article, I’ve placed few of my affiliate links on this website, so for example if any of you will decide to join to start earning money I will get a small commission directly from Fiver ($20). WIN-WIN for everybody!

Why affiliate marketing is so much better than all other online business ideas?

Conventional online business (e-commerce, Amazon FBA) Affiliate marketing
You need to spend weeks/months on developing of your own product + You do not need to create any physical/digital products: since you are only promoting already existing products
You have to cover the costs of marketing materials and copy-writing + You do not need to create your own marketing materials: vendors already have prepared everything for you
You need to create and maintain a website + You do not need a product website: the main product website is already developed by the vendor of the product you promote, you can start with a simple blog
You need to take care of payments, delivery, customer support, returns and refunds + You do not need selling anything by yourself: all technical aspects of selling and delivering are done by the product vendor
You need to take care of high advertising costs + You do not need to pay high costs for advertising: your marketing can be fully “organic”, you can easily find your “clients” on social media

How to start with affiliate marketing?

It’s true that mastering of marketing skills can take some time. I’m still learning this and I’m participating in many courses and mentorship programs, as we speak. But lucky for us, there are many ways to learn this online-skill, for example:

  1. You can join an active online affiliate marketing community to  learn the basics of it, for example: -> This  is my affiliate link, do you see what I did here?? Marketing! 😉 Cost of this program is very low, ~$50/month and you will get access to step-by-step learning program that will show you how to start with affiliate marketing.
  2. Taking an online course with certification, that will give you proper knowledge and a professional career certificate, you can later use to get your first parttime/fulltime job in online marketing and make between $40,000 – $60,000 in your first year. For example see this professional learning program: CourseCareers
  3. (The best option) You can seek a mentorship of an experienced marketer that already makes tons of money. This is for example what I’m doing now: I learn from people who are much much better than me. The costs of this kind of program is between $1500 and $2500, but you will get the value you are paying for + your marketing results will increase dramatically.affiliate marketing mentorship program If you are interested in this kind of mentorship, that will teach you how to make money online, contact me personally on my email (! I will tell you how it works and which mentorship program I’m taking in 2023 and why.
Difficulty level: Risk: Best Case Profit:
Not that easy You can lose your time Sky is the limit!

8. Become trading signal provider: sell your trades (coming soon)

9. Stock swing-trading / investing (coming soon)


So, let’s make some money online!



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