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How to auto-disable EA trading on news or pre-programmed hours

EaBlocker for MT4
The EaBlocker Indicator is a small and clever tool (MT4 indicator) that allows you to automatically disable AutoTrading function on your MT4 account during:
  • Pre-programmed market trading hours (e:g: If you want to trade only Asian session)
  • During major high impact news events (compatible with FFcal indicator from ForexFactory)
It automatically toggles the ‘AutoTrading’ button on MT4 terminal in case when broker hours is outside the programmed ‘AllowedHours’ or in case when a vertical news line (displayed by FFcal) is detected on chart near the current trading time.
EaBlocker enabledEaBlocker Disabled

Get a free DEMO version
(Demo works only on AUDCAD pair and during 6,12,13,21,22,23,0,1,2,3 hours)

Free EaBlockerV02 DEMO

Purchase FULL version

1.Installation and activation of Indicator

1a) Make sure the EA is installed in your local MQL/Indicators directory. Depending on your system configuration this will be one of the following directories:Instalation step 2a

1b) Make sure the Auto trading and DLL imports are enabled:Instalation step 2b

1c) Activate your Indicator copy:

DEMO version: If you are running demo version make sure the LicenseKey Indicator parameter is set to β€˜DEMO’ and you have entered valid email address in EmailAddr field. After that go to your mailbox and activate this product by clicking on the provided link in the welcome email.

FULL version: If you have purchased this product you should have received a welcome email together with a valid LicenseKey code. Enter this code into Indicator LicenseKey parameter and then just run the Indicator.

Note: If you did not get any email, check your spam folder as well.

2.Overview of Indicator parameters

Bellow an overview of the Indicator parameters and functions:
EaBlocker parameters

2a) EaBlockByHours: This parameter enables and disables blocking using specific hours given by ‘AllowedTradingHours’ parameter.
AllowedTradingHours: This parameter specifies which trading hours are allowed. So when set to e.g.: ‘12,13,14,15’ the MT4 AutoTrading button will be enabled only during those hours. This means all EA’s running on this MT4 terminal will be blocked.

2c) EaBlockByNews: This parameter enables and disables ‘News blocking’ feature. This mode is compatible with the FFcal news indicator from ForexFactory, which displays vertical lines on chart at the time when high impact news event is expected.

2d) NewVerticalLineName: When operating in EaBlockByNews mode the EaBlocker indicator will look for ‘vertical lines’, displayed on chart by the FFcal news indicator, and will block the AutoTrading in case when the current time is within NewsBeforeMinutes and NewsAfterMinutes time window w.r.t. the next vertical line indicating upcoming news event. This feature can be used to automatically disable MT4 AutoTrading before and after major news events that can lead to unpredictable and volatile market behavior.

2e) NewsBeforeMinutes/NewsAfterMinutes : As explained in 2d.

Below example of News blocking option in action = in this example the AutoTrading option is locked 2h before major news event:
AutoTrading Blocked On News
In order to make it work you need to setup the NewCal indicator properly and run it on TimeFrame specified by VLineMaxPeriod to see the vertical lines on chart:
NewsCal Settings

43 Responses to MT4 disable autotrading

  • Hi,

    Does the demo and paid version work on demo account as well as on live?

    Like most traders, I trial EA’s in demo before going live, trial with effects of news and without.
    My purchase depends on the your answer…here’s to hoping the answer is yes πŸ™‚

    • Hi,

      Yes demo should also work on a live account if not than contact me on my email.


      • Thanks Chris,

        Ive purchased the paid version, and running it on demo account now. Been looking for a tool that works with FFcal(NewsCal) for some time. Works great! Thanks again πŸ˜‰

        • Great!
          Do not forget to “spread the word” πŸ˜‰
          If you will run into any problems just let me know on my email.


  • I can’t seem to purchase. Link just goes to your robot jpg

  • Thanks for this, but I will really buy your indi if you can add a function to make an EA to stop opening new trades on a certain day of week (without stopping it ’cause it should manage already opened orders).

    Thank you.

    • Hi Fabien,

      Please contact me on my email, I can always customize this tool for you.

  • After disable the auto trading, how about the positions that already opened?

  • Copyright protection enabled! Visit: http://www.coensio.com
    could you correct this

    • This error happens when you change the original EA file name to something different, like ArrowHunterEaV03(1).ex4.

      To fix this remove (1) from the file name and make sure it has the original file name.


  • Hi Coensio…

    Thank you for your Demo version..

    I was looking for an indicator which can disable EA from trading on scheduled news events based on importance (like Low, Medium and High), I could download the trial version, unfortunately it not getting added in to my MT4 account, wanted to purchase this indicator if it can meet my requirements.

    I appreciate your support…


  • Dag Chris, Ben erg geinteresseerd in je news EA die autotrade uitschakeld. Vraagje, ik draai diverse accounts gelijktijdig, is er een beperking met deze EA op hoeveel accounts hij draait?

    Verder ben ik benieuwd of jij bestaande EA kunt aanpassen als ik aangeef wat er gedaan moet worden.

    Alvast bedankt,

    • Hi,

      Please use English only on my website πŸ™‚

      Yes it has limitations, each purchased license key = activation on 1 MT4 account.
      Customization is possible, costs depend on the amount of programming work involved.

      • Hello Chris, send you an email, I want to order your news EA, is it specific for one dedicated account or can I use it in future on another account? Please see my email. Thx, Josh

  • Hi Chris please help me with programming of my EA thank you.

  • Hi…
    I would to know if possible to specify, with precision, an interval of trading hours…
    For example trading hours from 09.20 am to 11.40 am?Is it possible???
    Thank you

    • Hi, only with customized version of this indicator. You can contact me on my email if you are interested.


  • would it possible for you to only turn auto trading off for specific charts or pairs like if the news is only affecting the eur pairs but i have an ea running on a usd jpy pair would you be able to make so that only that live trading on that pair is deactivated

  • hi coensio does this indicatorwork in the same way as icefx.newsinfo did if so i would be intrested thanks

    • Hi,

      To be honest I’m not familiar with ‘icefx.newsinfo’ so I cannot say anything about it;)

  • Is this ea still working? I am very interested

  • Hi,
    I have the paid version of the indicator. If I want to use it on several MT4 platofrms with different accounts in the same time do I need a different license keys or it is a master license key that to apply on the different terminals? Because I tried it but it doesnt worked on the others accounts…



  • I want to purchase your Ea Blocker indicator, but the link isn’t working. Please direct me to a working link. Thank you!

    -J. Mark

  • Some questions:

    Does it
    1 close existing active and pending trades?
    2. enable EA after news?

  • were do i find licens key for ea blocker

  • Coensio, I couldnt load the indicator. In the journal of my mt4’s platform it says “indicator loaded succesfuly” and right after that it says “indicator removed” what do I do?, I put the licence key you sent me and the email adress to where it was all sent to me.

    My Name is Tomas and my email is: tarancibian@udd.cl

  • Coensio. Do you have a number I can call you to?

    I Bought 10 of your full version indicator/ea.

    I can make it work to enable/disable the ea when economic News events occur.

    I need you to explain to me step by step how to do it because with your instructions uphere does not work. the newscal indicator says “File error”.

    warm regards

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