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Coensio’s Stock And Commodity
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Stock and Commodity trading strategy eBook

I proudly present you my brand new eBook about my favorite Stock and commodity trading strategy. This 25 page eBook covers the basics of stock trading and describes everything I do in my daily trading. In this eBook you will read about:

* My favorite ‘common sense’ strategy
* Where to get free trading advice
* Which tools and indicators I use
* A smart way to manage your losses
* A way to boost your profits
* How to detect new trends (my big secret)
* My currently open trades (real-time overview)
* An overview of new trading opportunities for 2017 and beyond
* Much more…

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My name is Chris, I'm a Dutch engineer with Polish roots. By day I'm an engineer, forex trader and an internet entrepreneur, and by night I'm fighting internet crime;) I hope you will enjoy my website and my free MT4 software. Do not forget to check out my blog.
B.t.w: 'coensio' (Latin) = assessing, assessment, census, estimating, opinion, rating, taxing.

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