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StrategyQuant 3 and StrategyQuant X Review 2018

StrategyQuant is one of the best algo-trading/strategy development platforms available. More than 90% of strategies I run, is developed using this tool. So let me present you some of my preliminary results, that I’ve achieved after first few weeks of playing around with SQ:

Algorithmic  Trading  StrategyQuant results
The graph above represents a total result of 13 year backtest using a trading portfolio containing 15 different profitable trading strategies (EA’s). The backtest is performed on 4 hour EURUSD chart using the highest available tick data accuracy of 99%. To avoid curve fitting the last 4 years of backtest (2012-2016) are tested using out-of-sample data set method!


Backtest 1 resultsBacktest 2 resultsBacktest 3 results
Backtest 4 resultsBacktest 5 resultsBacktest 6 results
Backtest 7 resultsBacktest 8 resultsBacktest 9 results
Backtest 10 resultsBacktest 11 resultsBacktest 12 results
Backtest 13 resultsBacktest 14 resultsBacktest 15 results

What if I would tell you how I’ve achieved those results and moreover what if I would share all EA’s and strategy setting files of all of my 15 profitable EA’s for free? Would you say I’m a cool guy? 😉

Because that’s exactly what I’m gonna do here…

StrategyQuant is a professional tool that allows you to build, test and optimize automated trading systems from scratch or using automated data mining algorithms. This tool has many advanced options with support for MetaTrader4, NinjaTrader™ or Tradestation™ platforms. The coolest thing, is that it can also autogenerate EA source code. This means that everyone, even people with zero programming experience can design and test their own strategies.

Moreover this tool has an amazing strategy generation speed. It can generate and test up to few thousands random strategies within few hours! For comparison it would take few months to achieve the same results using standard strategy tester provided by the MT4 platform.

Advanced options of StrategyQuant

StrategyQuant V3 options are:

    • Automatic generation of strategies based on most common trading logic-blocks and also using standard and external indicators

    • Random strategy generation or generation by genetic evolution (How cool is this!)

    • Advanced strategy testing and optimization, to avoid curve fitting

    • Walk forward optimization

    • Automatic source code generation, no programming skills are required

    • External tick-data support (Including Dukascopy 99% accurate tickdata)

    • Multi currency backtesting

    • Multi strategy testing

    • Optimization of existing strategies

  • Many more…

StrategyQuant X (new 2018 version!) options are:

    • All great features of SQ 3 + more new great features

    • Multi-market and multi-timeframe strategy generation

    • Automatic historical data import (download tick data with 1 push on a button)

    • Extendable with your own indicators and strategies

    • Displays trades on chart

    • Built in strategy editor (algo-wizard)

    • Improved user interface

  • Many more…

If you have ever considered automated trading, just forget other EA’s and create your own profitable trading strategy! And yes, you can test StrategyQuant for free! Moreover if you will consider to buy this great tool, you can get up to 20% discount by using my discount coupon code: COENSIO-20-OFF-ZSHXY. I must admit, this tool is not cheap, but really it is worth every single penny. Imagine how much money you can save by designing your own profitable EA and stop spending money on 3rd party strategies that almost never work 😉 You can get your discount just by using the following button:

Get StrategyQuant X and SQ3 demo


After installation of StrategyQuant, you can test each of my 15 profitable strategies. Download zip file here:

Free download!

My 20% discount coupon code: COENSIO-20-OFF-ZSHXY


But wait there is more! If you are really interested in algo-trading you should consider taking my algorithmic trading course. See the presentation below

Algorithmic Trading Course




10 Responses to StrategyQuant Review

  • Hello, I already have EA wizard and strategy quant full licence, but I’m still interested about the course in order to know the full potentiality of the tool. Please let me know some more info, especially the price. Thanks

    • Hi,

      Please contact me on my email. I will send you more details about the course.


  • I too already purchased the software and am interested in the course. If you could please provide me info on how to obtain this let me know. Thanks

  • I myself have already purchased Strategy quant and tools, and am interested in your course as well. Please do provide me info so I can perhaps purchase this, Thanks

  • I have StrategyQuant software with me. How to get the course?. Thanks.

  • I already have the Pro version. I would like information about the course.

  • Hi. As you have been programming and trading. Have you got an EA that works well?

    • Hi,

      Sure 😉 There are many things that work if you know what you are doing of course..hint: try to combine this Ea with harmonic patterns indicators, those work the best.
      You also need to master the process of strategy optimization, stability testing and robustness testing, but in the end it is possible to create profitable systems, but do not expect any holy grails that will make you rich overnight.


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