Below you will find an example of what you can expect when trading using strategies that are developed on StrategyQuant platform. This is probably one of my best results so far (not $-wise but %-wise). This particular MNQ futures contract strategy makes around 100% per year and shows stable and continuous growth even during very volatile market events and market crashes. Believe me or not, this is really an extraordinary result and I’m not trying to make me look like a algo-trading guru here, but I’m just trying to tell you what’s realistic in algo-trading. 100% per year is considered top-of-the top result, most algo-traders are happy with 40%..50% with a drawdown below 30% and that is what you can expect from your trading. Following that thought, you can easily calculate what kind of capital you need to risk in order to make a living out of trading. Considering your financial situation, which will be different for everybody, you will probably need to risk tens of thousands of dollars, in order to gain financial freedom with trading. P.S: Read the risk disclaimer below the page carefully, before you will jump into algo-trading!


Initial capital: $2000
Profit = > +$10000, ( > +500%)
Return retracement ratio: 19.03.

Lessons learned:

1. In algo-trading 1 year is not statistically significant 😉
2. So after years of try and error, this is one of my best long term algo-trading results: as example see figure below, last 2 years of trading on my live account on TradeStation. Now you can see more or less what you can expect…and I am pretty sure there are many traders here with much better results!
3. For those who are saying that SQX doesn’t work: SQX works. Period. SQX strategies can make money. Period. Once you know what to do, it is not that hard to find a strategies that really make money. Period.
4. Finding long term strategies is pretty hard, but it is really possible to find them. Previously I could find only short term strategies, that stopped working after few months of trading. Now I see years of constant profitability. Once a year I run WFA to re-optimize systems.
5. Forget about forex, try something else like futures!
6. Find a good borker: avoid “cheap” MT4/MT5 brokers.
7. Stick to your own plan and try to do the opposite of what everyone is telling you 😉 Remember that only 2% of traders make money.
8. The one most important thing I can share with you is:
!!! Before you will start developing and tweaking your workflows, first make sure you see a good correlation between your live trades and what you see when you backtest your strategy in SQX!!!
This is the key to success, at least in my opinion, this single improvement allowed me to develop my workflows and in the end to find profitable strategies.

Note: If you are a struggling algo-trader and still looking for proper guidance, and you want to find out how to become successful in system-trading, join our community, we will be happy to help you. Start with downloading and reading our free ebook.



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