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What “they” never tell you…so read this carefully!

In this newsletter I want to address one important characteristic of Forex trading. Something, that is overlooked by the majority of the (beginning) traders. I hope it will change your view on trading and will help set you on the right track. It will also help you to understand why I’ve developed this strange and “risky” hedging recovery strategy, that trades almost fully on an autopilot.

Disclaimer: This is only my own personal opinion, of course you can have different viewpoint on trading 😉

So basically, Forex trading has a little “secret”, which is almost never discussed, and never mentioned at any forum or by any broker. Let’s stop for a moment here and ask ourselves the following questions:
  • Why there are so many Forex “guru’s” trying to sell their great trading courses?
  • Why there are so many people (like me) selling their Forex trading software?
  • What the heck? Is this a conspiracy? Is every Forex mentor/seller an ugly scammer?
  • And why there are so many people searching for this one “holly grail” in Forex trading?
If you still do not know the answers to those simple questions, then I can bet, you are still looking for this one holly grail, one system or trading method that will be profitable for you and will make you rich. I can tell you one thing: there is a good reason for your confusion! Why? Because you probably still do not know how to trade and you still do not know how to bring a healthy reasoning and perspective to your trading method.

So let me try to explain it all to you. The problem and also the main reason, that you are still not profitable in your trading is that your trading goals are not realistic! Probably you are still looking for something similar to: “a simple strategy that can bring you 50pip profit at 1 LotSize every single week (It’s just an example to make my point). This would result in a nice $2000 profit every single month. This sounds good, right? It would be great to have additional $2000 a month, you can quit your boring daily job, trade Forex and relax 🙂 I have very bad news for you, most probably it is not gonna happen! There are only very few people in the whole world that can pull this off. And in most cases they do not end well. Why? Because they over-trade and risk too much! So what is a realistic profit goal in Forex? In order to be able to understand Forex trading, you must forget every single thing you have read on Forex forums. Let’s concentrate here on how Forex professionals trade. Probably the only right way to trade! Most of the profitable professional Forex traders I know, are hedge fund managers. They are managing accounts with sizes around $1.000.000 and beyond, and they are trading with one simple goal in mind: get between 0% to +4% of stable consistent profit every single month. The best hedge fund managers are getting around +2% every single month on average. So what it all means for you?

Ok, let’s assume that after years of practice you will learn to trade the market like a real professional and you will stabilize your profits to +2% a month (on average). What does it mean? How much profit you will get from trading the FX market like a professional? Hmm, it depends on your account size! Most of us do not have $100.000 on our trading balance. Most likely it is something around $10.000. Using simple mathematics, we can easily calculate how much profit we can make in one year on our $10.000 account. Thus, using a standard compounding equation we can calculate the following:
$10.000 * (1+2%)^12 = $12.682,42.
This results in $12.682,42-$10.000 = $2.682,42 of yearly profit!
This is how much you can make on your $10.000 account when trading like a real Forex professional. You should print it out and hang it above your monitor;) Yes, sadly enough this is the only realistic outcome, all other outcomes are based on strategies that are too risky and will probably blow up your whole $10.000 account! So let’s see if this outcome is worth your time and your energy:

In order to trade like a professional you need to be fully “synchronized” with the Forex market, you need to learn how to make your own fundamental analysis and how to understand and interpret the market news. You need to follow your charts every single day and adapt your technical analysis in order to find those few profitable spots with a high level of market-event confluence. You also need to manage your running orders and risks. This daily routine will take you at least 3h a day. This equals to 3h a day * 5 days a week * 50 tradable weeks = 750 trading hours at a yearly basis. So how much you will make per hour?
$2.682,42 / 750h = $3.58 per hour!
This is the second outcome you should print out and hang somewhere 😉 It is not worth it!
However, there are some alternatives:
  • You can always become a hedge fund manager by yourself. You can manage your own PAMM account and get commissions from profits you will make. This approach can build your wealth over the years significantly, but the question is: can you still trade like you do, knowing you are managing $1.000.000 of other people’s money?
  • You can become a “Forex mentor”, give courses and teach people about Forex trading and about your profitable trading method.
  • You can trade using automatic trading systems (EA’s), and still grow your account by accepting all risks that are involved, but spending much less of your time in the process.
Please do not see this post as an attempt to persuade you to buy one of my EA’s;) I just want to share my personal opinion with you. I hope you have learned something from this post and as always: I wish you all the best.

Kind Regards,
Chris and Coensio team.  

4 Responses to The “biggest” Forex secret

  • What? 3.58 an hour? Never in 5 years in forex no one have said something like that to me, all other people talks about win thousands dollars in a few days. Thank you for your sincerity

  • Hello,
    I have been trading forex actively for 8yrs. You are right from your trading perspective. If you dig deeper, you may just be wrong.

    • Hi Joshua,

      If you want to share anything (your perspective/experience) with my blog visitors, just let me know 😉

  • Very wise, thank you for sharing your insights!

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