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A FREE Double Top/Bottom Indicator With An Excellent Edge

There is a FREE indicator which is called Ultimate Double Top/Bottom Indicator that gives accurate trend reversal signals. And as you will see later in this review, by combining the very good raw signals of the indicator with an edge of a bigger timeframe you can get an even bigger edge!

Thousands of traders are already using the indicator and the numbers are growing every day. And according to the developer of the indicator many traders reported that it has completely transformed their trading.

The setups that the FREE indicator detects are the so-called “Double Tops/Bottoms with Fake Breakouts”. In the following diagrams you can see the reversal patterns that the smart money uses to create trend reversals:

The indicator works on any trading instrument like Forex, Futures, Indices and even Stocks because all financial markets are driven by the smart money in the same way.

Every experienced trader knows that the smart money always repeats the following cycle:

1. Accumulation of position
2. Final trapping of the herd
3. Trend Reversal

The free double top/bottom indicator detects exactly this cycle. Because the smart money will always repeat this cycle, you will have a permanent and reliable edge if you exploit this behavior.

In the following video you can see the raw performance of the signals. The video shows that you could have made 128% profit with 35 trades with only 2% risk per trade:

As you can see, the signals of the free indicator are already very good. But you can even improve the performance if you combine an edge of the bigger picture with the edge of the signals of the indicator.

How To Improve Your Edge

The only way to improve the raw performance of the signals is to be pickier by trading only the best signals. One approach is to trade only those signals which occur in direction of an edge of the bigger picture.

Here are two possible ways to do that:

1. Double top/bottom signals on lower timeframes only in direction of a divergence between the price and the MACD on a higher timeframe

2. Double top/bottom signals on lower timeframes only after a trend line is broken. The trend line was drawn on a higher timeframe.

If you use such a top down approach, then the winning percentage and the size of the winners will be bigger. Your trading will improve dramatically!

The following two diagrams show the top down approach “divergence on higher timeframe H4 and double top/bottom signals on H1/M30“:

In the following diagrams you can see “broken trend lines which were drawn on H4 or D1 and then a double top/bottom on lower timeframes directly at the trend line“.

With such a high probability trading approach even day trading can be done successfully. The article Profitable Day Trading Strategies shows one additional top down approach to select only the best double top/bottom signals.

To your success! And happy Trading!


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