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StrategyQuant strategy examples

All strategies presented below are designed using StrategyQuant X platform and are used in my personal portfolio (= simulated results 2003…2019). If you are interested in our work, read more here and do not forget to join our forum.
StrategyQuant examples of strategies
Disclaimer: The presented results are based on a simulation (back-test) using accurate historical tick-by-tick data with 30%…70% OOS (out-of-sample = data not used during strategy generation). However, the positive historical results do not guarantee future continuation of the same or similar performance. SQX platform with its automated workflows is relatively new and there is no or very little live-performance data from live trading accounts.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Let’s look for a minute at the big picture w.r.t. system trading, which of course is making money. So how do system traders make money? Simply by using 1 simple formula. Below the only equation you need to remember in order to be successful in trading:

Money = positive expectancy * uncorrelated trading frequency.

So if that’s so simple, why we need to collaborate? Where is the ‘catch’? The big ‘catch’ is, that it takes time… a lot of time and computing power to find uncorrelated and very robust systems with a positive expectancy. That is why the only way to go is: collaboration…
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Coensio Algo-Trading Group (open forum)

After many years of EA coding for other traders (also for many of you) I think, I have seen it ALL. I have seen traders creating thier EA’s and strategies based only on one chart screenshot with only few trades on it or just because they have read something on the web. Obviously this approach doesn’t work! So the only way to go is to start creating strategy-portfolio’s using auto-generation supported by machine learning platforms like StrategyQuant. Read more…

StrategyQuant Review 2019

StrategyQuant is one of the best algo-trading/strategy development platforms available. I have decided to write an extended StrategyQuant review because more than 90% of all strategies I run on my MT4 are developed using this single tool. After many years of programming and testing for myself and also for other traders, I am 100% sure this is the proper way to go. So, what is so special about StrategyQuant?
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Learn how to validate your strategy design process.

Using this very easy to use ‘Simulated Forward Test’ method, you can verify if your system design method is really resulting in generating of profitable trading systems. That’s a very easy alternative to the commonly used method which is based on ‘generate and hope’ methodology where traders just ‘hope’ they are right about their strategy generation workflows. Stop wasting your time and money and get an additional confidence in system trading in just a few steps! Read more…

#1 reason traders fail in auto-trading

The number one reason traders fail in their auto-trading is due to lack of proper monitoring of their trading systems. Algo-trading is all about being able to find a needle in a haystack. If you are running 50 systems on your MT4 account, processing of statistical data can become very overwhelming. CoensioMT4Charts tool generates beautiful graphs and a clear overview of all system statistics, directly on your local MT4 platform. Read more…

Free video course: How to properly optimize trading systems

Curve-fitting is the most common mistake made by inexperienced algo-traders. This is because the MT4 based optimization is nothing else but pure curve-fitting. Curve-fitting is a fancy name for cherry-picking (or ‘falsely’ connecting the dots), where you optimize your system using all possible combinations of all parameters and you select only the best results, the highest profits or the best looking equity charts. Read more…

How to properly backtest and optimize in MetaTrader

During many years of programming and testing of trading systems, I have developed a simple and reliable way of backtesting and optimization of Experts Advisors on MT4 and MT5 platfroms. In this article I will show you how to make sure your optimization process and backtesting can be used for a robust prediction of trading strategy results. Read more…

See how to trade news events with profit

Recently I was investigating the possibilities of trading the market during high impact news releases. You have probably already heard that some of the most successful professional traders, trade only during news releases (from fundamental point of view). The biggest problem while trading news is that fundamental analysis is very difficult to comprehend for a retail trader like you and me. So what are the other possibilities? In this blog you will learn:
  • How to trade during the news events and do it properly
  • How to use statistical advantage to trade news (no fundamental background required)
  • How to avoid trading during the news events and how to automatically disable your trading account during high impact news releases.
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See how I trade stocks with profit

As a trader I am always experimenting with new stuff and lately I discovered a few very good stock trading opportunieties. During the last few months I gained 200% of profit, only by following one simple rule: buy only the best stocks of the best companies outthere. Read my new blog if you want to see how I trade stock market! Read more…

How to convert any indicator to a fully automatic trading system

If you want to test one of your fancy (arrow) indicators, and do not know how to program an EA, then I have an easy solution for you: My ArrowHunter EA. This EA is capable of converting almost every external indicator to an automated trading system, with many different features, like: Trailing stop, automated money management or breakeven mechanism. Read more…

How to handle spread when opening new orders

In this short blog entry I will show you how I deal with spread to achieve exact 1:1 risk-ratio. In this example my EA will always win and lose exact the same amount of money… Read more…
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